Inclusion Coffee Company provides a fun yet challenging environment for neurodiverse individuals—through working at the shop they gain insight and skills to perform such tasks as cooking, drink making, money handling, customer service, and more.

The shop’s goal is that more than 50% of our staff positions be filled with neurodiverse individuals.

“More Than A Barista, He’s A Mentor & Friend!”

Caleb has been an Inclusion team member from the beginning—he worked primarily late afternoons as a “closer” but recently stepped into a very big and important position during morning and early afternoon shifts.

Caleb’s background includes experience as a residential program worker, a special education assistant and instructional aide, and job coach—he’s putting his experience together in a new training program at the coffee shop to help strengthen the skill set and independence of our neurodiverse staff!

Caleb happened upon his calling to work with neurodiverse individuals when his car broke down on a trip to Virginia a few years ago. While “stranded” there for a few days, Caleb met a group home manager who encouraged him to get involved—Caleb says it was a “Proverbs 16 moment” for him as he recognized that God had a plan and purpose for him to work in this field.

Caleb would spend the next five months working at that Virginia group home, an experience that’s led him to dedicate his career to working with neurodiverse individuals.

Caleb has already made great progress with Jack, building his confidence communicating with customers and working in positions that are new to him including crafting drinks on the coffee bar.

Caleb has also been working with Tracy and Emma C. on their drive thru skills, running through practice drills that are building their confidence—they too are getting some practice preparing coffee drinks!

Caleb is also building friendships with many of our staff and is planning a “Guy’s Night Out” with bowling coming up soon—and not too worry for the ladies as Mackenzie has a special “Girl’s Night Out” at Sam’s house coming up next week!

We’re excited for Caleb to make this move as it strengthens the core of our mission: creating new skills, strengthening confidence and building independence for our neurodiverse staff—one cup at a time!

Welcome Caleb to his new role the next time you see him at the coffee shop!


Today marks one year in business! It’s been a very successful first year for our coffee shop—from the bottom of our hearts we extend a huge thank you to Lake County & beyond for your continued support!

The Inclusion team would like to recognize and thank our founder/owner, Mackenzie, for her vision, dedication, and hard work—her business knowledge and sense grows sharper each day and her caring approach, smile and warm personality make Inclusion a wonderful place to work!

Thanks to Mackenzie’s dream becoming a reality, 20 people call Inclusion their workplace—with more than half our staff being neurodiverse individuals, that adds up to a lot of new opportunities, skills, confidence, and most importantly INDEPENDENCE!

Mackenzie has only just begun her business journey—stay tuned for big things to come from Inclusion Coffee Company!



Your Purchase Supports Our Important Mission—Thank You!

Our founder and owner, Mackenzie Edinger, has lived in the Lake Country area her entire life—she spends most of her day devoted to the coffee shop and its mission and when she’s at home she loves spending time with her sweet dog, Nash!

Mackenzie is a graduate of Kettle Moraine High School, received her undergrad in Early Childhood and Special Education from UW-Whitewater, and earned her Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at UW-Madison in May 2022.

Mackenzie has long-cherished working with neurodiverse individuals and has always wanted to create a space where these individuals feel as equally valued and important—the success of Inclusion Coffee Company has allowed her to meet her goal of changing the lives of neurodiverse individuals and making the world a better place!

Mackenzie pairs a restaurant background with her experience working with neurodiverse individuals including volunteering with Best Buddies, job coaching, and special education studies and training—her knowledge and expertise coupled with a keen sense for business has helped Inclusion Coffee Company flourish in its first year.









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